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Jinhwan’s message for Winner

Jinhwan’s message for Winner

Team B's video message 
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Winner can’t help but cry after seeing Team B…



Your smile in the photo is theknife that cuts through the sadnessYou became my dream, now whattime do you wanna come? Tell meI’ll pick you up, my earnest person-CLIMAX


Your smile in the photo is the
knife that cuts through the sadness
You became my dream, now what
time do you wanna come? Tell me
I’ll pick you up, my earnest person


No matter how hard i try, i wont get recognition would i.
I dont even want bloody recognition from others, just my parents, for seeing my efforts.
But nooo, after doing like 2hrs of hw today, my dad was like “youre obviously just slacking and using ur phone the whole time” i was like wtf cant you actually see the effort i put in like so what if i use my phone and get distracted? I still tried right. I bloody tried and im so bloody tired of trying. Sick of it already, try for what, learn for what la.
Do homework to please everybody only.
Spoil my mood dafug.

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